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Faery Types

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The word ‘faery’ seems to have become a generic name for all types of beings including:

Dryads are tree faeries, living within and around trees.

Dwarves are usually to be found living in the mountains. They are known for stealing not only property, but women and children as well.

The word ‘elf’ (or ‘elves’) is derived from the word ‘alfar’, from the Nordic and Teutonic languages. The word is associated with mountains and water.

Gnomes prefer to live in the forests. They are the guardians of sacred grounds, locations and monuments. They have a weakness for gem stones and things that glitter. They are the knowers and are extremely clever.

Goblins are vicious little creatures that can appear as animals. Phooka are Irish goblins. They are usually friendly but they like to play pranks.

Leprechauns are Irish faeries who are said to be very cunning. They are usually found among clover.

Pixies are cheerful and mischievous. They often take the form of a hedgehog. They are also well known for their pranks. They adore music and dancing. A piskie is a Cornish pixie.

Salamanders are fire faeries. Their bodies are red and gold. They are long and tapered and look like streaks of light and sparks as they dance in the fire. Their energies are as fast and unpredictable as fire itself.

Sidhe are Irish faeries who are attracted to beauty. Sidhe (Shee) is Gaelic for 'people of the hills'. Originally it referred to the mounds in which faeries lived, though it has now come to refer to the inhabitants as well.

Sylphs are faeries of the air. They are transparent and elusive. They seem to be surrounded by a glow. These are the type of faery usually found in children’s books.

Undines are water faeries. They can be found in forest pools and waterfalls. They have beautiful voices and can sometimes be heard singing over the sound of the water.

Of course there are many more but these are some of the more universally known ones.
Nature Faeries - These are Faeries which live in natural places:

Fire Faeries - There are two types of fire faeries: Flame Spirits and Elementals. They have the ability to create and destroy.

Garden Faeries - You will find these faeries among the flowers dancing and playing wearing flowing gowns with transparent wings. At dawn they pour out blessings upon the world.

Rock Faeries - These faeries live among the rocks and are very wise.

Tree Faeries - These faeries live in every tree. They look after the tree and control its energies.

Different names given to the Faeries:

In Scotland - "The Still Ones", "Pixies", "The Wee Ones", "The Silent Moving Folk" and "Prowlies"

In Ireland - "Wee Folk", "The Little Folk", "The Gentry", "The Good Folk", "The Blessed Ones" and "Them Who Prowl". Daoine Maith - The Good People, and Daoine Sidhe - The Faery People.

In Wales - "Them Who Be", "The Fair Folk", and "The Night Walkers"

In England - among the above, "Little People" "Addlers" and "Menters".

Faeries seem to fall generally into four categories:

Air: Winged faeries and sylphs
Earth: Dwarves, gnomes and pixies
Water: Undines, mermaids and sirens
Fire: Salamanders


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